Here I am!

I’m Lucia Iacono: Eva in Sicily it’s me!

Eva is not my real name. I live in Siracusa, where I was born on the special night of St Lucy, during the most important feast in honor of our patron saint.There was no other choice  for that little girl with blue eyes just born that day|

 After studying for a BA in foreign languages and literature at Catania University and teaching English for a while, I specialized in Tourism.I have been working as a qualified Sicily tour guide,especially in the area of Siracusa and Ragusa,  for over twenty years.

I fell in love with my profession long time ago during an educational tour in Greece.  We had such a wonderful guide, so competent and  passionate in his way of telling stories that  I came back home with the dream of becoming a tour guide one day! I did and I am still in love with guiding and telling people about Sicily, such a beautiful land but also full of contrasts and contradictions. That makes my job  still  exciting to me.

 I am an optimistic person and curiosity is still the basic ingredient in everything I do. I love art, history and archaeology, photography and interior design, music and dancing, reading and writing. I like social media enough to satisfy my curiosity about different ways of communications. I like travelling but also enjoying my little private world at home, cooking and sharing happy hours with friends.

What is the secret to a successful job? To have the same genuine curiosity of the first days but being grateful for the acknowledgements and appreciations received.

Join my cultural and culinary tours & experiences or the personal ones I will tailor just to you (both little groups or  individuals) and I will tell you an authentic Sicily, beyond any stereotype, in a changing world.